Crawl Stop Feature: Sanjo Silk at The Silk Weaving Studio, on Granville Island, Vancouver

Sanjo Silk specializes in luxurious silks and silk blends from the 4 corners of the world; Knitting yarns and kits, weaving yarns, spinning fibre, cocoons, ribbons and other silk yummies. Our silk mohair will make you weaving studoi

Yarn Crawl Hours:  Friday: 10am to 9pm;  Saturday: 10am to 5pm; Sunday: 10am to 5pm

Special In Store Events: We are a working weaving studio so we will have at least one weaver demonstrating. We also hope to have a spinner. Weaving and spinning are fascinating for anyone interested in yarn and textiles. Come and see some ways they’re created.

Owners: Diana Sanderson and Jo Skinner

Store Address: Granville Island 1531 Johnston St. Vancouver, BC

Store Phone: 604-687-7455


Parking: Free public parking for up to 3 hours on Granville Island.


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