Crawl Stop Feature: Wool & Wicker in Steveston (Richmond), BC


wool and wicker

Wool & Wicker is owned and managed by Diane DeBray, a knitter and crocheter of 55 years of experience.  Diane is the originator of the West Coast Knitter’s Guild, and has 31 years experience in the retail yarn business.  Featured items at Wool & Wicker include the following:

  • all Addi products in every size and type
  • great variety of yarns in every weight for knitting and crochet, including all existing Hikoo, Schoppel, Schulana, Zitron brands from
  • Canadian hand dyed Colour Adventures (Elena Nodel, Anadiomena on Ravelry) sweet aran, sweet merino dk, lace, sock and merino light
  • patterns and books for anything you want to knit or crochet, including internet access to Ravelry
  • Bolga baskets and Lantern Moon baskets
  • Many samples to try on before you buy

Yarn Crawl Hours: Friday: 10am – 5:30pm; Saturday: 10 – 5:30pm; Sunday: Noon – 5pm

Special in Store Events: We are presenting our summer sale early, Draw for your discount, anywhere from 10 to 50% off all regular priced items.  Coffee, tea and cookies will be available all day.

Owner: Diane DeBray

Store Address: 120 – 12051 Second Avenue, Richmond, BC  (this area of Richmond is also known as Steveston)

Store Phone: 604-275-1239 / 1-877-966-5945 (toll free long distance)


Parking:  Customers can park in the parking lot behind the store, which is accessed by an alley that is entered  from Steveston Coffee on the North end or from behind Ichiro’s Restaurant the South end. There is a back door to the store just to the left of lumber pile.


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