The Woolith Fair Passport

As you visit each stop in the Woolith Fair yarn crawl, be sure to get a stamp on your official Woolith Fair Passport! If you collect enough stamps, you will be eligible for one our Prize Draws.2017 Passport image

If you collect three stamps, you will be entered in the Beginner Crawler Raffle;

if you collect seven stamps, you will be entered in the Intermediate Crawler Raffle

if you collect fourteen stamps, you will be entered in the Master Crawler Raffle.

The Woolith Fair Passport is available for download – click here to download the passport.  Copies of the passport will also be available from each Passport Stop, however, you must collect all your stamps on the same passport in order to be able to enter the raffles (ie: you cannot use different passports for each day of the crawl).  When you have completed your adventure, leave your passport at the last store you visit so it can be entered into our prize draws.

The prize draws will take place in early May.  Prize winners will be announced on our website.


Woolith Fair Passport Rules:

1) Passport Holders must be 16 years of age or older.

2) Only one (1) passport per participating crawler for the entire event.

3) The Passport Holder must be present when his/her passport is stamped.

4) Passports are non transferable.

5) The prize draw will take place about a week after the crawl, so that we have time to collect all submitted passports.

6) All prize winners must provide identification in order to claim a prize.

7) Prizes must be claimed no later than May 21st, 2017.